Businesses adapt to Alabama’s COVID-19 restrictions expiring


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – The Safer Apart order is prompting more and more businesses to craft their own plan when Alabama’s COVID-19 restrictions become recommendations Friday night.

News 19 has been talking with owners and managers of restaurants and bars for weeks, gathering a variety of reaction to the expiration of the governor’s mask mandate.

There are people who are vowing on social media to burn their masks in celebration on April 9, said Teresa Webb, Straight to Ale Brewing’s taproom general manager.

Some businesses are letting their rules expire with the governor’s.

Others are applying their own rules.

Straight to Ale is taking what they call a balanced approach to their COVID-19 rules.

“We will still require all of our employees to wear masks,” Webb said. “Guests will still be encouraged to wear masks but it won’t be required. A lot of people who come in here are pretty good about wanting to wear a mask.”

There are businesses in the Huntsville area that will let their COVID-19 restrictions expire with Alabama’s mandate.

“There definitely will be those people who have not been happy about having to wear a mask,” Webb said. “They’re going to be coming out full force.”

There are people who have largely stayed at home since March of 2020, Webb said.

“One of my managers here, they just went out to eat for the first time this week,” she said. “They’ve been doing curbside and ordering out the whole time.”

There are businesses in the Huntsville area that have told WHNT off camera that they’re considering applying their own full COVID-19 restrictions after the governor’s mandate expires.

Regardless of what brick and mortar folks are going to do after Friday, every business WHNT has spoken with over the last several weeks say they’re overwhelmingly happy ‘getting back to normal,’ is getting closer.

“I do,” Webb said. “I absolutely do. I think everything’s going a step in the right direction.”

We have a growing list of businesses who are going to require masking after April 9.

If you’d like to be added to the list you can email 

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