Huntsville business owners say shopping local brightens up everyone’s holiday


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Small businesses in Downtown Huntsville are urging people to shop local this holiday season.

With stores being shut down and businesses struggling to stay open this year, the need to shop local is high. This season the gift that keeps on giving is shopping local. Not only do people find unique pieces, but it supports the local economy.

What was once a storage facility on Clinton Avenue now has many different small businesses, services, and offices – you know it as Clinton Row.

It’s there where Creative State owner Jeannie Gibson says she likes the vibe.

“I’ve been doing the arts and crafts circuit for a long time, and decided we wanted a storefront and this is where we wanted to be,” she explained.

Creative State carries all kinds of one of a kind pieces, from wood art to jewelry hand made in Nepal, and even dog collars – there’s something for everyone.

Right next door, AM Collective owner Ashli Ingram knows that sometimes that perfect gift a customer is looking for isn’t found at a major retailer. Whether it’s homemade or vintage, it’s always made with you, the customer, in mind.

“We’re making something especially for them and it’s something that they can keep and treasure forever, so that’s something that we really pride ourselves in,” Ingram said, and that happiness goes from seller to consumer.

When people shop local, you brighten up more peoples’ holiday than you think.

“There’s a saying about how, when you shop local you’re funding a little girl’s dance lesson or a little boy’s softball team, you know a mother or father’s dream of running their own business,” Gibson said.

Emanuel Edwards, owner of the Goody Vault, hunts for one of a kind pieces. Sometimes those pieces come from people in the community. When he finds those one of a kind, vintage pieces, he curates them and makes sure they shine once again.

With the support of the community, Edwards will now be able to make this his full-time job.

“We bring something special and unique to the community. And so we’re just enriching the culture here and providing something different. And it’s just making the city a better place. We want to be here, but we need you all to survive,” Edwards said.

There are still other ways you can support your local small businesses even if you’re not buying from them. All owners said spreading the word, using social media and even the purchase of gift cards goes a long way.

So, the next time you’re on the hunt for a perfect gift, think local. And if you don’t find something you can always ask your favorite small business to find a piece or even make something custom.

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