HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — A bullet was found on the floor of a fourth-grade classroom at Hampton Cove Elementary School Monday afternoon, according to school officials.

The school’s administration said the bullet was found as students were preparing to dismiss for the day, saying the school resource officer and campus security spoke with students from the class where it was discovered.

Specifics of just how the bullet ended up in the classroom are being looked into, but officials stressed that “any student discovered to be involved in this matter will face serious disciplinary consequences in accordance with the district’s Behavioral Learning Guide.”

Though the caliber of the bullet wasn’t described, Hampton Cove Administration urged parents to check their child’s backpacks on a regular basis, along with ensuring they can’t access items that could lead to safety risks.

Parents were also given a reminder of the “see something, say something” protocol in helping school staff to be aware of the potential for any issues.