Budget cuts could have large impact on DMV offices

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HUNTSVILLE, Al. (WHNT)- We all remember our highly anticipated sweet sixteen birthday. A lot of excitement surrounds getting your driver’s license, but that blissful feeling quickly fades when you see the line at the DMV office. Most days, the line wraps around the building before the office even opens and with recent proposed budget cuts that line will be even longer.

The spokesperson for Alabama State Troopers, Curtis Summerville, says,”If those licenses shut down, some of our field offices in some of our rural areas of course. That means people will have to go to places like maybe here in Huntsville when they typically could go to places like Scottsboro or somewhere else, even Redstone Arsenal. Those folks may actually have to come to the driver’s license office here in Huntsville.”

The funding cuts would force the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency to close several offices over the next year. Eventually the state will go from having around 70 DMV offices to only having four offices.

“Again these are some of the effects it is going to have on the public, and again, on us… In terms of staffing, you know we are going to be extra busy and it is going to be difficult for us to even answer phones, and that is already a problem for us… because we are so busy. You know, you have a question sometimes; maybe just a simple question that may not require you to even come down to the driver’s license office. But it is very difficult for us to even get to the phone because we are so short-staffed,” says Trooper Summerville.

The Huntsville DMV office would serve all of north Alabama. Other than the Huntsville office, your only option would be Birmingham, Mobile, or Montgomery.

“Yeah it is going to be a big struggle for us if we go through that,” says Trooper Summerville.

If you are just wishing to renew your license, you can avoid these long lines by going to your county courthouse. Also if this information upsets you, it is never too late to call your local lawmaker and voice your concerns.

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