Bubba Bussey asked to Emcee Strange for Senate campaign event

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Bill “Bubba” Bussey left the set of the popular Rick & Bubba syndicated radio show early Friday morning. He needed to get to Huntsville for a sound check for a Luther Strange for U.S. Senate, he had been asked to emcee. If Bubba was the opening act, President Donald Trump was the headliner.

We caught up with him several hours before the event and he was excited. “Very exciting and you can tell out here its like a college football atmosphere. At about 10:30 this morning there was already people out here in line sitting on coolers,” Bubba told us. “There’s street vendors out here. As we’re doing this people are already walking to the event. You can tell there is something going on in the air.”

When he got the call to emcee, it was kind of a tough decision to make because he knows both of the candidates. “Well, I think we’ve had several good candidates in this race. It is a little odd when you see people who usually are on the same side now supporting different candidates. And I’ve said all along I think either one of them will do a good job,” he said. “I just happen to have known Luther a bit better. I’ve known him longer. I know him personally and I think he has a skill set for this job that might set him ahead in that way a little bit. Now I would love to see Roy on the federal bench. I think he shines when he’s on the bench.”

We also talked about the celebrities who have come out to endorse each of the candidates. Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson and Sarah Palin are backing Roy Moore. Luther Strange has gotten the endorsement of both the President and Vice President.

“It’s a strange split, it really is, because most of those people we’ve seen in other elections,” Bubba said. “We’ve had most all of ’em on the show at some point or another talking about conservative values. So I think it just comes down to the finer points. Maybe who knows who better, or who they think will do a better job as a U.S. senator.”

We had one final question for Bubba. We asked if he got a chance to speak directly to the President, what was he going to say to him?  “Well my wife wants to know if Melania is gonna be here because she said she wants to see if her skin is as good in person as it is on camera,” he said with a smile. “But I think what I would do is, I would tell him I’m praying for him and I’m praying for the country and there’s a lot of people hurting. We’ve got to this economy going and secure the borders. I think that’s going to be the way we grow out of this.”

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