HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — It’s down to four days until the primary election when Alabama voters will decide who will be the their nominees for multiple races – including the close race for U.S. Senate.

The Republican race between Katie Britt, Mike Durant, and Rep. Mo Brooks has shifted. A runoff may be tough to avoid as Brooks appears to be surging in the latest poll conducted by News 19, in partnership with The Hill and Emerson College.

“We need to get somebody who’s perceived more favorably by the American people,” said Brooks.  

Mo Brooks says that is what he’s been saying all along, and now the Republican voters in Alabama are listening. The latest poll shows Britt, the former president of the Alabama Business Council and former Shelby aide, with 32% support from Republican voters, followed by aerospace executive and Army veteran Mike Durant with 26% and longtime congressman Mo Brooks with 25%.  

Since the last poll in March, the surging Brooks has seen the largest gain with a 13-point increase. All without favorable support from Republican leaders in the House. 

“I’ve been trying to caution everybody throughout this process that the polls are going to go up they are going to go down,” Brooks told News 19 during a campaign stop at Stovehouse in Huntsville. “That’s just the nature of a campaign.”

“Fortunately, we seem to be on an upswing right before the election, but polls, sometimes they are right, sometimes they are wrong,” Brooks continued. “The only thing that really counts are the votes cast by those people who chose to go vote on Tuesday.”

Brooks is so confident in his chance to win the senate seat in Alabama that he’s says he’s calling his campaign stops the “Fire Mitch McConnell” tour. The title refers to the Senate minority leader recently contributing two million dollars to a super PAC to oppose the Brooks election.

McConnell is expected to remain in his leadership role if Republicans win control of the Senate in November.

“55% to 60% of the American people reject what he says before he has said a word,” Brooks continued. “Mitch McConnell has served his time. It’s time we get somebody different and I believe we can get somebody better and that’s what I’m going to urge our Senate conference to do.”

The primary elections in Alabama will be held next Tuesday, May 24. If necessary, a runoff will follow on June 21.