Brewer Hicklen comes back to Huntsville for third annual baseball camp


HUNTSVILLE, Ala.- It’s wasn’t long ago Brewer Hicklen was dominating the baseball diamond here in Huntsville. After being drafted by the Kansas City Royals in 2017, he knew the perfect way to give back.

Saturday was the third annual Brewer Hicklen Baseball Camp, held at Bob Jones High School. All morning long, kids ages six to 14 were working on improving their baseball skills and techniques with the help of Hicklen and other professional baseball players with ties to north Alabama.

Hicklen said, “players are here helping me out. Serving these kids, giving these kids life lessons,” and with those irreplaceable life lessons comes baseball skills that he still even uses himself.

Hicklen says that camps like this are not only encouraging, but pivotal to the development of these young athletes.

“I remember looking up to professional baseball players at their age at camps like this, and I know these kids look up to me, and I don’t take that lightly.”

He’ll never forget where he came from, and he knows it’s up to him to be that role model for these impressionable, young athletes. One of his main goals in the developmental process of these young boys – life lessons.

“Life is bigger than the game of baseball itself, I mean between the white lines, you can compete all you want, but one day the game will be over and it’s what kind of impact did you have on other people’s lives.”

Those are some of the things he wants these young athletes to leave with in addition to improved baseball skills.

Once these boys leave the camp, he hopes he’s made a lasting impression.

“I just want to have a big impact on these kids’ lives, positive, high integrity and just go out there and have a good time and be a good teammate.”

Hicklen has his sights on expanding the camp and gearing it towards high school students. He says that camp would go more into the mentality of the sport.

He wants to “really get in-depth with those baseball players and really study on why you do certain things on the field. Baseball is a complicated game if you make it, but it’s also a simple game if you make it.”

Hicklen is currently a left fielder for the Wilmington Blue Rocks, one of the minor league baseball teams in the Kansas City Royals organization.

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