Brew Stooges brewery changes name to Mad Malts

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – The Brew Stooges poster, and brand, is now a thing of the past. The Huntsville brewery will forever be known as Mad Malts.

“We feel a little bad that the three of us look similarly to the Three Stooges,” said Chris Bramon, one of the brewery’s owners. “That was the problem for C3.”

A year ago, C3 Entertainment in California sent the brewery a cease-and-desist letter, even though they told the agency about the name before they opened their doors two years ago.

“But apparently when the lawyers looked at it, they said no,” said another partner, Jeff Peck. “They wanted more control over our marketing and publications than we wanted to let go of, so we decided to change the name so we’d have full control over our business

Everything down to beers like the Knucklehead Porter, all revamped.

It’s common that companies are renamed due to intellectual property infringement allegations. With the extensive paperwork, business owners essentially must open a new business in the same location.

“Some of that confusion is a positive thing to because it creates a buzz about Mad Malts,” said Bramon.

It’s a name that came after a long hard search.

“Our beers tend to be malty,” explained Peck. “We’re a little crazy a little zany. Mad Malts seemed to fit, almost as well as the Brew Stooges did.”

“The recipes are the same, the flavors are there,” said Bramon. “We’re the oldest new brewery in town, so to speak.”

Abandoning all Brew Stooges branding, Mad Malts now has its own wave of new social media pages.

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