Brett Favre keynotes the Boys and Girls Clubs of North Alabama Leaders and Legends Dinner

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Pro football hall-of-famer Brett Favre put the “legend” in the Boys and Girls Clubs of North Alabama  Leaders and Legends Dinner Thursday night.

The Boys and Girls Clubs are close to the former Green Bay Packer’s heart. He supported them in Wisconsin and he played at Southern Miss with the local organization’s leader, Pat Wynn.

Favre said his heart for the cause began during his childhood, growing up in Mississippi and observing his mom, who was a teacher.

“I just always felt like we were extremely blessed, and being around her students really gave me a sense for how lucky me and my bothers and my sister were. That’s where it started,” he said.

Favre said he was able to come to Huntsville because of his relationship with Wynn. He stays busy and can often pick and choose what events to attend. Being former teammates and friends, he said Pat asked him, his schedule had an opening, and he wanted to be here.

“Pat played a big part in this. And I’m glad I’m here,” Favre commented.

Favre says he wants to give back to these groups so all children have a chance to achieve greatness.

“It gives them a safe haven, first of all,” said Farve. “It shows that people love them and care about them. And we all need that. Some of us were blessed with households where you got what you needed at home. Others are not so fortunate, and it’s not their fault.”

He was the keynote speaker at the dinner and silent auction. When he played for the Packers, Favre donated $250 to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Green Bay for every touchdown pass he threw and challenged others to match it.

“I was fortunate enough to throw a lot of touchdown passes,” he said.  “I was equally as fortunate to have, I don’t even know how many people matched it… It only helped the cause on and off the field.”

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