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MADISON COUNTY, Ala.- Popular North Alabama home builder Breland Homes has been purchased by Florida-based Lennar for an undisclosed amount.

Breland Companies President Joey Ceci says this will not impact the development aspect of places like Town Madison and Clift Farms.

“Breland Companies develops projects like Town Madison, Clift Farms, and such, but that is not affected by the sale and not part of it,” Ceci said.

Breland Homes is the homebuilding asset of Breland Companies.

“Breland Homes was purchased late last year by Lennar, which is really one of the best home building companies in the world, named by Fortune magazine as one of the most admired builders,” Ceci explained.

Lennar has building operations in 21 states and more than 78 popular real estate markets. Now, they are going to play a role in growing North Alabama.

“They really integrate technology seamlessly into their product. Really cutting edge in the industry,” Ceci added.

According to Ceci, the sale was a good deal, but he couldn’t discuss the purchase price.

“Something Lennar brings to the table that helps Breland Homes and Breland Companies reach a bigger footprint – bringing in that technology and things for the consumer, but also bringing in the capital that can help you do expansion into some markets where you haven’t been in the past,” Ceci stated.

He said this will not impact the development aspect.

“Louis Breland and Breland Companies will continue to develop property and subdivisions and sell the lots to Lennar that will then build the houses.”

He stated homeowners or clients likely won’t notice the transition.

“While the name Lennar will now be everywhere the Breland Homes name was, the personnel and the people that were there are still there. The projects that were underway just change between being a Breland home to a Lennar home.”

There were no layoffs with the sale; all Breland Homes employees are now employed by Lennar.