Boys & Girls Club expected to lose 100k this week, still serving families during COVID-19 pandemic


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – The North Alabama Boys and Girls Club has 15 locations, all of which are closed. However, they are delivering food to children as part of a USDA funded program. The longer the economy is essentially shut down, the harder it is for the clubs to feed children.

This week alone, the North Alabama Boys and Girls Club expects to lose roughly $100,000 because they are unable to host their normal fundraisers.

“Our team, we are uncovering every rock to keep funds coming in right now for our organization,” said Patrick Wynn, the President of the North Alabama Boys & Girls Club.

The meal delivery drivers are paid. Volunteering for the position is a bit tricky because the drivers undergo testing because the program is run through the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

“You have to be certified to serve the food. You have to be trained by the state. It’s part of the USDA program,” said Wynn.

The delivery numbers are increasing as the U.S. economy forces employers to lay their employees off. Of course, the Boys and Girls Club was already helping people who were on hard times. Now, that need is only expanding.

“We wouldn’t be able to survive without the community’s support,” said Wynn.

The program needs money, not so much food. Although, Blossomwood PTA did conduct a major food drive to help families in need. The delivery service is strictly for children, but now the club can give families food as well.

“You can’t have too much pride right now. This is a time where almost the entire world is shut down. I don’t think you should be embarrassed about it. Don’t be too prideful about it. This is a service we are willing to provide for kids, to continue to feed them,” said Wynn.

N95 masks are also needed to protect and keep workers on the road serving children across North Alabama.

If you need help feeding your children, you can sign up to get the delivery. If you need help feeding your entire family, you can call the Huntsville Boys and Girls Club.

If you donate, your money stays local. Visit their website here.

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