Black Friday shoppers find local store with heart at Parkway Place Mall

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – For almost two decades Jenny Massey was a teacher, but now her title is business owner. Her online boutique is called Coco Couture, and for the holidays she opened up a pop up shop at Parkway Place Mall.

Massey has always loved teaching but she says fashion has her heart.

“I loved the freedom of it and the travel and you know just kind of doing something kind of different you know, just a different challenge,” says Massey.

Coco Couture launched about a year ago, but the name is in memory of someone who has held a special place in Jenny’s heart for much longer.

“It’s named after my sister-in-law,” Massey said. “She passed away unexpectedly. She and I have been friends from the time we were 5 until she wound up marrying my brother, and she’s the mother of my nieces and nephews,” says Massey.

Coco passed away almost 2 years ago. Though she wasn’t much of a shopper, Jenny knows Coco would love the store.

Jenny Massey says, “She was probably the most supportive friend I ever had, so I knew she would support it and love it .”

Thursday’s Black Friday shoppers also seemed to enjoy the boutique.

Melissa Gerrish has been shopping online at Coco Couture for a while now and when she found out about the pop-up shop she made it a priority.

“I am a huge fan of theirs. I shop online so whenever I found out they were here in the pop-up shop I had to make this one of my first stops,” says Gerrish.

With unique tops, jackets, and jewelry it can be hard to remember to get stuff for others.

“I personally have bought for myself so far but I do shop for others,” laughs Gerrish.

Jenny says that is the kind of style her sister Coco would have wanted in a boutique, and in the spirit of who she was.

“She was always fun and sweet and caring and protective and loyal,” says Massey.

Tomorrow is Small Business Saturday. Coco Couture and many other local businesses will be open for those shoppers who want to support their neighbors.


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