Bike safety advocates urge Huntsville to adopt report database

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – City leaders are trying to come up with a better way to protect cyclists around town.

On Thursday evening, they continued talks for a proposal called the Near Miss Report Database. It allows drivers and riders to report close calls on the roads, which would allow police to give warnings and tickets to any potential offenders.

The idea was talked about among the bicycle advisory safety committee for the last ten years after a cyclist, Sarah Chapman was killed in a bike accident near UAH in 2008.

“This tool has little to no cost to the city, yet the benefits are huge,”  Huntsville Bicycle Advocacy and Safety Committee member Anne Welch said. “My understanding is that it has the support of Huntsville police, city planning, and engineering.”

Volunteers and advocates will present their ideas to the city council this December, including what they’ll need and how much it’ll cost to put the plan in motion.

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