BBB urges caution about mysterious cards & coupons being sent to women around the country

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Women across the country and some here in North Alabama are receiving what appear to be handwritten cards congratulating them on their pregnancy, packed with gift cards to various motherhood related websites. The thing is, a lot of the women aren’t pregnant and don’t know the person that card is from.

Julia Cherry with the Better Business Bureau of North Alabama says it’s a deceitful marketing strategy that isn’t new.

“When you get anything in the mail these days that’s not something political or a bill, we’re always excited about that,” she said.

Inside the card– a sweet handwritten note from someone named “Jenny B” and hundreds of dollars in maternity-related gift cards and coupons. All for various pregnancy merchandise. All of the coupons and gift cards link back to a company called Mother’s Lounge LLC.

“If you truly are expecting, you’re thinking okay great, I was expecting this to come in the mail, however here’s $245 I can save by using these coupons,” Cherry said.

People who have tried to use the gift cards and coupons say the promo codes take some money off, but you’re charged with an unexpected and massive shipping fee.

According to the Better Business Bureau’s website, the company has an “F” rating and lots of reviews call the practice “deceptive, misleading,” and a “trick.”
But the BBB says it’s technically not a scam.

“People aren’t being taken advantage of to the point where their money is being stolen from them,” Cherry said. “However, they are being slightly deceived.”

The company’s website explains that it gets mailing addresses from third party maternity outlets.

Earlier this year the BBB requested that the company stop these questionable marketing practices, but that request has not been met. The BBB recommends you buy maternity merchandise from a seller you trust.

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