Battleground Patriots Pound Pavement For Ohio Victory

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BEAVERCREEK, Ohio(WHNT)-Volunteers from the Alabama Republican Party pounded the pavement in Ohio Thursday, battling for votes in a state that many feel will decide the 2012 U.S. presidential election.

The "Battleground Patriots" group fanned out across suburban Dayton early Wednesday, knocking on doors in neighborhoods that are part of a crucial swing area. Several volunteers spent time campaigning for Mitt Romney in Beavercreek, Ohio, including Decatur residents Vaneesa and Johnny Turner.

"The ones we've found so far are mostly undecided," said Vaneesa Turner, who chatted up several Beavercreek voters. "We've not had anybody that has shown any kind of negative reaction to us being from out of state...they were actually very receptive, talked a lot of football which we're not supposed to do."

The latest polls from Ohio show President Obama and Governor Romney in a 48%-48% tie, adding to the drama in a state that is known for picking winners. The Buckeye State has picked the winning candidate in twelve straight elections, the longest streak of any state in the Union. The Turners said many of the folks they talked with are still undecided, but others are closing in on a choice.

I am frankly leaning a little bit towards the president," said Beavercreek resident Jack Courtney, who called President Obama's first term unspectacular, but still deserving of reelection. "I think it mostly has to do with foreign policy and the fact that the economy is doing better than it has been."

But other Beavercreek voters said Ohio has suffered under President Obama's policies, citing his four year economic record.

"I haven't seen much change, just seems that things have gotten worse," said Beavercreek voter Rick Crider, who planned on voting for Mitt Romney. "I'm going for Romney just for the fact that I think we need a change. The last four years haven't gone too well for us..Ohio will be tough. I don't know, I think this is a tossup." I'm going for Romney, just for the fact that I think we need a change, the last four years haven't gone too well for us...It's tough though, I don't know, I think this is a tossup."

WHNT News 19 reporter Nick Banaszak will continue our exclusive coverage of the Battleground Bus trip Friday. Stay tuned to our newscasts and for the latest.

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