Baby Duck Ramp created to help Big Spring Park’s feathered friends

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - The colder weather, plus construction at Big Spring Park, brought about concerns this week for people who wondered how the baby ducks are handling the creek's lower water levels.

City leaders say some citizens contacted the city, even trying to build a ramp themselves, so the ducks could get out of the creek if they needed to. The concern was that they would be trapped in the cold water without a way out if they couldn't fly up the additional space created by the lower water level.

But Huntsville's General Services Department, along with Animal Services and several others, took a "quack" at the problem once it was brought to their attention.


"It's just what they do," said Jeff Taylor, Facility Manager. "Anytime we get a concern, we do our best to resolve it with what we've got to work with."

He said the man in the photo, Bob Wallace, along with other workers installed a duck ramp to help the ducks get in and out of the water at the Big Spring Park East bridge area. It was a multi-departmental effort bigger than anyone originally imagined, but well worth the effort. While they say no ducks were actually in danger of freezing, workers did this out of an abundance of caution.

"It's a catwalk, for ducks," commented Taylor, mentioning that the wood ramp rests on concrete blocks that lead up to the steps. They even installed a sign, to let people know not to take the ramp down until the construction is over and the water level rises again.

"Ducks are important to folks, and we always want to make sure they're taken care of," said digital media specialist Jessica Carlton.

(While WHNT News 19 did not capture the ducks using the ramp, we're told it's going swimmingly.)

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