Authorities investigate string of burglaries in Gurley

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GURLEY, Ala. – Eight houses were burglarized Early Tuesday morning.

Sergeant James Martin with Gurley’s Police Department says this is not normal. “One man’s laptop and pistol were stolen from his car, multiple wallets were taken and one of Gurley’s Volunteer Fire Department’s vehicles is now gone, along with another gun.”

Sergeant Martin says sometimes they’ll have one or two burglaries in the area, but eight is unheard of for Gurley.

He says they’re working to find the perpetrators.

“We do have a list of suspects that we are looking into at this time. No names are being released due to the ongoing investigation,” said Martin

But for the victims, some of the stolen items can never be replaced.

Jason McCord says pistol stolen from his car but the laptop was more important to him because of the memories it held. “The pictures of the kids from 5 to 6 years ago… to 10 years ago, it’s irreplaceable,” said McCord.

McCord says the most frustrating part is that he had a security camera outside of his home but it wasn’t usefull this time. “We did have one on the front porch. We looked at it this morning to see if they got on the front porch and they didn’t.”

And now he’s adding three more to the rest of his house, so if this ever happens again, he’ll know who did it.

“I mean it’s just kind of disheartening really that you can’t live in a community to where you thought you were safe but you’re really not,” said McCord.

The stolen volunteer fire department vehicle is a gray Chevrolet Tahoe with emergency lights.

Sergeant Martin says they plan to find the perpetrators, but they hope everyone learns to lock all of their doors and take their valuables inside after this.

Gurley’s Police Department has teamed up with the Madison County Sheriff’s Office to complete this investigation.

If you have any information regarding this investigation they ask you to contact Madison County’s Dispatch at (256)722-7181.

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