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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Authorities say more than one person was arrested during the protest in Huntsville on Monday for having a firearm during a demonstration.

“The peaceful protest turns into certain individuals, what we call agitators inside the group that want to take it to that next level,” said Sheriff Kevin Turner. “What the public didn’t see is HPD officers, deputies… there were several arrests that were made where people were taken out of the crowd. One was possession of a handgun.”

Owen Marshall Eason, 25, was arrested on June 1, and charged with possessing a firearm at a demonstration. He is currently in the Madison County Metro Jail with no set bond.

“At the demonstration site, we pulled two out with one of them. We arrested immediately. He had a handgun, because he was a person we’ve been looking for anyway and we identified him through officers on the ground. We went in and grabbed him because he was wanted and he had a gun on him,” said Police Chief Mark McMurray. “The other person, we saw him pull his gun out of his holster while he was in the middle of the crowd through the use of some surveillance we had, some oversight and we had some officer on the ground. We went up and grabbed him and took him out and we’re getting warrants for him right now. We actually took him off-site, had a talk with him… young kid, big mistake. We don’t see him as a threat. We don’t think he was in there to harm anyone. He was showing off. We took his gun. We’re told we are going to go back and make an arrest on him today. We needed the officers on the street for the rest of the time and for us to actually put him in jail at that time, that would have taken a couple of cops off the street, we just want to be there for the rest of them. So, we stopped that threat where it is, we can go get paperwork anytime. So basically two arrests, both of them had weapons. And as you know, in Alabama, you cannot bring a weapon to a protest or a demonstration. That is state law.”

There is no information on the second arrest at this time.