Athlete rider encourages people of all abilities to participate in marathons

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – The Rocket City Marathon is celebrating over four decades of running this year.

Hundreds are registered to get on their marks, get set, and go on Saturday morning.

The race directors said the race brings out a variety of participants.

“We like to see every person, from every shape and size, every cultural background, every physical ability. We have a woman who partners with her husband. She actually has a team of runners, Shannon Green,” explained Dana DeBardelaben.

Shannon Green was in a car accident as a teen that left her paralyzed from the chest down.

“Rocket City was my first marathon 2 years ago,” said Green, “I said I’d never do it again because I froze, and now that I have my own race chair. I was like I’ve got to do it again.”

“I was kind of on the fence about it. But I was like ‘well okay, let’s try it,'” Green added.

But she won’t be running this race alone.

“He watched me on the sidelines for a year and he decided ‘I want to run with you,'” she said.

And by “he,” Green means her husband. He and a team of others will push Green to this finish line.

”I’m doing the full marathon, I’ll get a two-minute head start to let the crowd thin out, and then it’ll be the full 26 point 2,” said Green.

Green said she wouldn’t have it either way. She’s confident that with her team she’ll finish strong.

She encourages anyone who is doubting their abilities to give this race a shot.

“Even riding, the adrenaline gets going. It’s the people cheering you on,” Green explained. “Just come out and do it. Just do it!”

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