Artists at Lowe Mill explain what it means to them when people shop at small businesses

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Since American Express launched Small Business Saturday a decade ago, they estimate that over $100 billion has been spent at small businesses across the county. Some of those small businesses are right here in North Alabama.

Local artists and small businesses are scattered all over Huntsville, but especially at Lowe Mill Arts and Entertainment.

When you shop at small businesses, you should know that there’s a lot more than meets the eye.

"My name is Cassey Harrell, I’m the owner of CH designs, and I make jewelry," said Cassey Harrell.

"Hi, my name is Thao, and I own paper petals, the Paper Petals Co., " said Thao Haong.

"I'm Carrie Alderfer and I own ChromAddict Studio," said Carrie Alderfer.

All 3 are artists at Lowe Mill. Their love for their work shines through with color and creativity.

"I like to bring smiles to people’s faces, so I figured jewelry brings a lot of smiles, so I’ll just do that," said Harrell.

The reasons are different for them all.

"To get to do what I've wanted to do since I was a little kid, and have people come in and appreciate what I've worked for my entire life is just amazing," said Alderfer.

Haong's paper flowers can be kept as a memento.

"Paper Flowers are really special because people can keep it forever, and knowing that my flowers are in people's house and they get to keep it forever is like amazing," Haong said.

On Small Business Saturday, I asked them what it means when someone buys a piece of their work.

"I do a little jig," said Harrell

"It feels fantastic it’s just like warms my heart like oh my gosh I can’t believe they see the value in it that they would buy this," said Haong.

And it doesn't just feel good, it's their livelihood.

"You’re literally helping put food on my table," said Alderfer.

So next time you shop at a small business, remember that there’s a lot more than meets the eye.

if you've made a purchase this small business Saturday and want to share it on social media. You can do so by using the hashtag "shop-small" on Twitter.

If you're looking for places to shop, American Express provides a search engine, allowing you to type in the area you live in. It then populates with small businesses around you.

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