Artist behind koi mural doesn’t want vandalism to discourage more public art

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Huntsville is working hard to grow the downtown area.  The city has been taking pride in local artists and allowing them to create beautiful murals.  The koi mural on the west side of the square has only been up for about a month, but already it has been vandalized.

Artist Dustin Timbrook doesn't want the recent vandalism to discourage others.

"We need more public art in Huntsville, not less. Don't let one dork ruin it for everybody," he said.

Timbrook and the other artists behind the koi mural created a GoFundMe to raise money for sealing coats.  Investing in sealing coats will allow them to paint even more murals around town.

"When vandalism does happen in the future, if it does, we can more easily remove the paint and not have to paint over it," said Timbrook.

He said there's not much they can do until the vandal comes forward.  But if they do, he just wants one thing.

"Just stand right here for the three or four hours it takes me to paint this, and just watch.  So that they understand the impact of what they did," he said.

Timbrook said he actually likes graffiti when there's an artistry to it.  But he encourages the person who did this to find a different way to express their talent.

"To just come and write your name and upset a lot of people, I don't consider that real art," he explained.



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