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HUNTSVILLE, Ala.(WHNT)-As the Fourth of July looms, local fireworks sales boom. Area vendors say early returns show that this year’s fireworks season could end up being a record-breaker thanks to some help from Mother Nature and the calendar.

The owners of Fireworks World in west Huntsville are some of the local fireworks vendors who are seeing their cash registers ignite. Store owner Robert Foster told WHNT News 19 that same day store records were broken on both Friday and Saturday, with the June 30th record also within reach as our cameras rolled on Sunday. Foster said this year’s Fourth of July fireworks season is on track to be his busiest in fourteen years of business.

“This year we’ve had a dream season,” said Foster. “The last four, five days, it’s picked up and been extremely good…last year was a little bit dry, and some people didn’t get to shoot [fireworks], so they’re making up for it this year.”

Foster said cooler temperatures and more moisture have brought out swarms of customers who may have held back for fire safety reasons in 2012. Vendors said where Independence Day falls on the calendar in 2013 also appears to be a factor in the sales boom. This year it’s Thursday, while last year it fell on Wednesday.

“The thing about Thursday, it’s so good because most everyone gets a day vacation on that Friday,” said Foster. “Once they get off on Thursday, they got a four-day weekend, and that gets them excited. If they’re excited they want to spend money.”

Last year, U.S. consumers bought $645 million worth of fireworks, a slight drop from 2011.

According to the American Pyrotechnics Association, Fourth of July sales account for 75 to 85 percent of yearly sales for most fireworks retailers.