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HUNTSVILLE Ala. – Huntsville Fire and Rescue is looking for new recruits. Officials said around this time, current employees consider retirement and it takes a number of people to replace their jobs.

Huntsville Fire and Rescue expects to hire 30 firefighters this year. The Deputy Operations Chief said after five years, new hires could start working their way up the ranks.

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“Most of the time we look for people with a good attitude and then after that we look for people with a good aptitude,” said Huntsville Fire and Rescue Deputy Operations Chief Derrick Stuckey. “Any personality type pretty much will fit. We just look for people that are willing to learn and then we will train them and teach them what they need to know.”

If you’re interested in joining Huntsville Fire and Rescue, you’ll find a link to the job post right here. Applications are due Monday, June 15.

For more information about this career opportunity, visit the Fire & Rescue Careers web page or call 256-427-7401.