HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Kids from the YMCA Child Development Services in Huntsville got a surprise from Santa’s helpers over at HEMSI on Friday.

HEMSI teams up with the YMCE every year to give back to kids in the community during the holiday season. Kids of all ages got to enjoy gifts from local, hometown heroes in their Christmas pajamas.

Paramedics and EMT’s give kids a show as they pull in with lights flashing and sirens blaring and then give out toys from the back of the trucks.

Kids could be heard giggling with joy and full of excitement as their name was called out to receive their gift, after they got their gifts, they stopped for a picture with a HEMSI employee.

HEMSI spokesperson Don Webster says this event has been going on for many years and it’s just another way to show their appreciation to the community.

“This is something that our employees can do to give back to the community and give back to the children. It’s a great time… and you know with the holidays approaching sometimes not everybody is able to do the things that they want to do, so we’re just trying to help out,” Webster told News 19.

Webster says 80 children recieved a gift this year, with the best turnout of employee donations ever.

They said they do still have some leftover gifts, but Webster says they plan on helping Santa out this year with the extras.