Angry parents accuse local daycare of not changing son’s diaper all day, leaving blisters


Pants worn by a 2-year-old parents say didn’t receive a diaper change

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - A Huntsville family is up in arms about their child's daycare not properly changing their child's diaper. The parents are alleging Covenant Classical Daycare on Cabela Road neglected their child by not properly changing their two-year-old son, leaving him with blisters.

WHNT News 19 spoke to the family and the daycare to get to the bottom of what actually happened.

Mike Woods says last week he dropped his two-year-old son off at daycare and told them his son needed to be changed frequently. "On Tuesday I told them, you have to change him every hour. He is going more and more because of the antibiotics," Woods explained.  "The teacher ensured me saying, 'Look we do it every hour anyway.'"

Woods says on the same day his wife arrived to pick up her son and he was in a dirty diaper covered in feces. "He'd been in the same thing all day long and it's pretty bad."

Woods claims he spoke to the daycare's director and was told that diaper procedure was not followed that day.

Woods says he took photos of his son after the dirty diaper was changed and posted them on Facebook. "Not only did they not change my son's diaper there were other kids that may have had one diaper change all day."

The daycare's director, Paul Vest says he couldn't go into detail about the teacher who was supposed to change the child's diaper because it's an ongoing HR investigation, but says they are handling the situation. "We reviewed video, we took statements from all of the teachers did our best to understand exactly what had happened."

Vest agreed with Woods and said the situation was unacceptable. "I think I apologized a lot because if something like that happens at the school level when a mistake is made we have to acknowledge it."

Woods says he didn't think the apology was sincere. "He said he was going to talk to them and get them to start writing it on the board. They are supposed to do that anyway. He said he would pay for my tuition the following week, and if that didn't make us happy, we were free to go somewhere else."

Vest told WHNT those weren't his intentions at all. "I was not trying to offer him free tuition to buy him off in any way. I think my words were, 'I would not blame you for looking elsewhere, based on this experience.'"

Woods has decided to take his child out of the daycare.

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Vest said every diaper changing class has it built into their daily schedule to have regular diaper changes.

He said the schedule is a safeguard to prevent instances like this from happening. "The particular day in question was the day before Thanksgiving lots was going on. There were students coming and going, but that doesn't constitute an excuse for what happened," Vest explained.

Vest said all of his teachers know better about what to do and go through 40 hours of training before they can be the sole care provider in a classroom.

He said the teachers in question did receive the proper training. Vest said he has spoken to the teachers in question.

"From a Human Resource standpoint, it has been dealt with swiftly. I think it would be inappropriate of me to betray their confidentiality and tell you what the outcome has been," Vest explained.

Vest would not comment on whether or not anyone was fired due to the incident.

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