MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) — A local Amazon fulfillment center donated $10,000 to Kids to Love — just in time for the holiday season.

The staff at Kids to Love say Christmas is one of their biggest initiatives serving more than 2,000 kids over 25 counties across Alabama and Tennessee. They say they appreciate Amazon for the donation and delivery of the wish list items.

Amazon’s Brandon Jones says he remembers his wish list when he was a kid.

“I remember when I was really young I wanted a Tonka tractor and that was something that was so important to me and I got it,” Jones said. “I was about six years old you know when you think back to Christmas and things that you received as a small child, even though it may not have been much then it meant so much to you.”

“Knowing what that felt like as a child and knowing that we’re able to bring that to children this year is even more exciting,” Jones continued.

Lee Marshall, founder of Kids to Love, says giving out presents for Christmas is personal to her.

“These kids are personal to me because foster care is personal to me,” Marshall explained. “I was born into foster care. I was adopted at the age of two. My adopted family gave me opportunities that I would have never had I was the first one in my family to graduate college, so this isn’t an effort or a mission, it’s truly a calling.”

In Alabama, children who turn 20 age out of the foster care system. Marshall says they plan to use some of the funding from Amazon towards their program aimed at those who have aged out.

“Between 75% and 80% of the juvenile system or prison system are former foster children so we know that foster care is a pipeline to prison and so instead of being reactive, our organization and everything you see in our efforts, we are heavily focused on education,” Marshall said.

Kids to Love says they have more than 2,000 Christmas wish lists to fill. The staff says the biggest gap in fulfilling those lists is for teens.