HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — Two-term Huntsville City School Board of Education incumbent Elisa Ferrell will soon be out of office, and there will be a run-off election to determine who will replace her.

There are two women vying to represent District 3 on the Huntsville City School Board. Both Andrea Alvarez and Angela McClure are running on campaigns of “change.”

“We need a new voice. We need a fresh view of things, we need someone in there who is willing to listen and take action,” says Alvarez.

“My whole campaign is about change and it seems like that’s what they (voters) want,” says McClure.

The run-off election will be held on September 20.

About the Candidates

Andrea Alvarez

Andrea Alvarez says she has lived in Huntsville for 32 years and is a graduate of Grissom High School. She works as a Senior Financial Analyst for MDW Associates supporting the Missile Defense Agency and is a long-time member of the Parent Teacher Association.

Alvarez says her focus is on supporting teachers to make the education system better.

“I have had so much teacher support, and they are telling everyone they know to vote for me because they finally want an ally on the board of education for them. A safe place where they can give complaints and honest feedback that they know will get straight to the superintendent because that’s not happening right now.”

Angela McClure

Angela McClure holds a Juris Doctorate degree and pursued an education in cyber security at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. She says she was compelled to run during her campaign for State House after seeing flaws in the state education system.

McClure says she’s concerned about liberal indoctrination in schools.

“We don’t need to have politics in school. School needs to be about math, reading, writing, arithmetic, and the fundamentals of school. That’s it.”

Both women agree that the district needs leadership that will take new action to bring improvements.

“We’ve got to do something now. My dad had a theory that was, ‘don’t come to him when the fruit is rotten, come to it while it’s low hanging,’ and I think right now we are at low hanging,” says Alvarez.

“We are the number one city in the country, ranked. And our school system does not show that. We need to take care of that immediately, get our grades up, education should be priority number one,” says McClure.

Elisa Ferrell said in a public Facebook post that she will not be endorsing either candidate running for District 3.