Allergy season is here early

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – It’s mid-March and a lot of people are already feeling the effects of pollen. The staff pharmacist at Star Pharmacy, Rett Bladen, says that’s because pollen came a few weeks early this year.

“Typically it’d be more towards the end of March through the first of April,” he explained. “Usually, around the time the Master’s [Torunament] start[s] is when [pollen] kind of picks up.”

Bladen said he’s noticed that they’ve been selling a lot more allergy drugs over the past few weeks, and he’s had complaints from customers about their allergies.

He’s even noticed it himself.

“I haven’t seen a ton of pollen, but I know it’s there because my eyes have been bothering me also,” Bladen continued.

Bladen said if you’re being bothered by pollen, there’s no need to get a prescription for allergy medication.

“All of the ones available now over the counter used to be prescription only,” he said. “So there’s really not any stronger antihistamines that you can get by prescription.”

Star Pharmacy said the best option to stop or prevent allergies is Benedryl, but that makes some people drowsy.

“If you can’t take Benedryl, take Claritin or Zyrtec and the nasal sprays,” Bladen stated.

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