Alcohol sales start for Alabama A&M University football games

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala.- Alabama A&M University celebrated homecoming with a new addition at Louis Crews Stadium, the ability to buy alcoholic beverages inside the stadium.

The school made the announcement Monday that alcohol would be sold at today’s game against Texas Southern.

Alabama A&M Homecoming is a week full of festivities that bring the community together.

“It’s a great time with a very powerful and positive atmosphere,” says alumni Ellis G. Foster Jr.

The sale of alcohol at A&M games is heavily monitored which Tyrone Shipman says is necessary.

“I don’t see people being able to control themselves when they are drinking,” said Tyrone Shipman.

Those who wanted to purchase alcohol provided photo ID’s and received a wristband. Sales were also limited to one location within the stadium. Tyrone Shipman says regulations help things run smoothly.

“I haven’t seen anyone acting crazy or doing anything crazy. I think everybody is having a good time so I think it’s a wonderful thing to have alcohol here,” said Shipman.

Alumni like Ellis Foster Jr say this is a progressive change for the university.

“It’s cool to have a viable option for those who like to participate. For those who don’t, as long as we still have non-alcoholic beverages it’s a choice just like it is in the real world,” said Foster.

Beer sales begin once gates are opened to the general public and end at the conclusion of the third quarter. A&M is joining the trend. Troy, South Alabama, and UAB also sell alcohol in their stadiums.

“It’s another option to gain revenue. People can also go outside the gate and drink so we might as well make a little bit of money towards the school to go to a good cause,” said Foster.

Alabama A&M is now the sixth Southwestern Athletic Conference school to sell alcohol at home football games. The university will also sell alcohol at home men’s and women’s basketball games beginning this season.

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