Alabama State Troopers are aggressively enforcing violations to ensure safe travels on the 4th of July

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - In 2017 there were eight traffic deaths in the State of Alabama for the Fourth of July holiday period. Seatbelts were not used in seven of those crashes according to the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency.

As of Monday, June 25, 2018, Troopers have investigated 273 traffic deaths.  Of those 273 people, 236 of them were traveling in vehicles equipped with seat belts, but only 88 people were buckled up at the time of the crash.

For this Fourth of July, Alabama State Troopers encourage motorists and passengers to buckle up no matter how short the drive is.

Troopers want you to slow down and obey the speed limits and focus on driving by putting aside cell phones and other items that may distract you.

If you plan on consuming alcohol people should pre-plan for a designated driver or call an Uber/Lyft/Cab.

Alabama State Troopers will be aggressively enforcing violations to ensure safe travels.

"I`ve been doing this for a long time as a state trooper and I have worked a lot of fatal crashes in my career. I would have to say 70 percent of the crashes I`ve personally investigated if that person had a seatbelt on that person would have walked away from that crash," Trooper Curtis Summerville said.

He said everyone in the vehicle needs to be buckled up. "Sometimes parents will allow their children to take a nap and allow them to lie on the back of the seat. Don`t let them do that because if you do, if you hit someone, that child becomes a human projectile and they are thrown through the air like a human torpedo," Trooper Summerville explained.


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