Alabama senator wants to see a visual plan for US border security

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – President Trump said he shut the government down, over a month ago, in efforts to come to an agreement on border security plans, most importantly, a southern border wall.

U.S. Senator Doug Jones said President Trump hasn’t shown the Senate any ideas.

“One of the things I’ve been asking for is just show me the plan,” Jones stated. “Show me how you’re going to spend it. If he was wanting to build barracks at military installations around the country, he’d give me a plan for it and show exactly where they were going to go, and what they were going to do. We haven’t seen that.”

Jones said he doesn’t believe the president really wants to build a 2,000-mile-long concrete wall.

“That would cost a lot more than the money he’s asking for,” Jones said.

The president clarified the plan for the wall on Saturday, stating that he’s now considering strategically placing a steel option instead.

Jones said he encourages the president to ignite a discussion.

“Put that plan in front of a senate committee let them talk about it, see what works, what doesn’t work,” added Jones. “Find that common ground. That’s the main thing.”

Jones said he believes there needs to be greater attention paid to other means of border security.

“The lack of judges, immigration judges, and border patrol agents,” Jones continued. “We’ve got to do a better job at pushing people through the system, that are trying to get into the United States, seeking asylum, we’ve got to have a more efficient way of getting those heard.”

Jones said he thinks drone and sensor technology will also help the U.S. better secure the borders.

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