Alabama NAACP responds to Police Citizens Advisory Council Review of Police conduct


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Thursday, people gathered outside city hall awaiting the release of the Huntsville Police Citizens Advisory Council Review of Police Conduct during last summer’s protests in downtown Huntsville.

It was less than a year ago when law enforcement dispersed a crowd of protestors with tear gas, pepper spray, and rubber bullets.

The council’s report found, among other things, that there was a lack of clear coordination between law enforcement agencies.

News 19 sat down with the president of Alabama’s NAACP.

“That’s where quote-unquote the rubber meets the road is when we take action. If they take that report and put it on the shelf and say, ‘thank you for that wonderful work you’ve done,’ and don’t do anything with it, the citizens paid, I don’t know how much they paid them to do it, but I’m quite sure they paid quite a bit of money and if they don’t do anything with it, our citizens are again without money that we don’t get any results from,” said Benard Simelton.

Huntsville police aren’t on camera for this story but sent a statement to News 19:

“The Huntsville Police Department appreciates the Huntsville Police Citizens Advisory Council for taking the time to conduct a thorough review of our department’s actions surrounding the protest events in June 2020. I look forward to reviewing the findings and recommendations with my Command Staff and City leadership to determine how we can become an even better and stronger department. There is a lot of information in the review so let us have some time to fully read the report, process the information, and we will be back here on April 28th for a work session to discuss our plans moving forward,” – Chief Mark McMurray

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