Alabama families benefit from Leni’s Law

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala.- 15-month-old Meisha Mcgee is one of many people in Alabama benefiting from Leni's Law after it passed almost a year ago. "Since then we`ve been able to completely take her off of two of her seizure medicines. She was on three different ones," Meisha's mom Rebecca Mcgee said.

Since Meisha started taking the cannabidol oil, her mother Rebecca Mcgee saw a change. "Now that she`s on one seizure medicine plus the oil she has even less seizures than before," Mcgee said.

Meisha suffers from a brain condition. Her brain didn't divide while Rebecca was pregnant. The brain condition has caused her to have a lot of secondary problems. "For her she has seizures. She has jerks, she has hypoplasia."

Currently there are several families benefiting from oils. Mcgee said Leni's Law is a stepping point in the right direction. "The bill doesn`t legalize it all, what it does is decriminalize it," Mcgee said.

Mcgee gets her oil through the mail because its THC levels are less than .3 percent. Mcgee says anything above .3 percent can't be shipped in the mail, which requires families to travel. "They have to cross state lines to a legal state in order to purchase it and federally illegally cross back to bring it home to their child," Mcgee said.

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