HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — With mid-term elections approaching, front-running democratic candidates made their push on Sunday in the final forum held in Madison County.   

The main objective of the forum is to convince supporters that they’re the right choice to change the political direction in Alabama. 

Roughly 50 registered voters attended in what is the final push for local democrats seeking state seats. Madison County Democratic Chair LaToya Osbourne labeled this as the staple event in the community. 

Six democratic hopefuls attended the two-hour event at the true light church in Huntsville. The event was moderated by democratic political analyst David Person. U.S. State senate hopefuls Will Boyd and Kathy Warner-Stanton led the opening statements.  

Warner-Stanton will face republican dale strong and libertarian P.J. Greer in the 5th Congressional District. Boyd, who many at the forum feel has the toughest task to top Katie Britt for the senate seat, told News 19 that her recent endorsement by former president Donald Trump could hurt her chance for the senate. 

“I would not want to have that endorsement. I am proud of the people who have endorsed me and the people that are working alongside me,” said Boyd. “I’m for unions. I’m a pro-labor person, I’m for businesses. I’m pro-business and I’m for anyone who’s seeking to make Alabama better.” 

Other democratic candidates who attended the forum were Korey Wilson for Senate in District Seven. Marilyn Lands in District 10, Kimberly Rucker for District Judge and Shatika Armstrong for Madison County School Board. 

Britt also has the solid backing of the republican establishment in the state in a year when republicans are expected to do well in midterm elections.