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NORMAL, Ala. – An Alabama A&M Trustee Board of Trustee member has been officially censured by the board of trustees during a Friday morning meeting.

According to an A&M official, James Montgomery has been found guilty of misconduct as a trustee member and violating the Code of Ethics.

“Montgomery exhibited behavior unbecoming of a member of the board of trustees to include sending over 3600 harassing emails to trustee members and university staff that were threatening in nature. Other charges included leaking confidential and negative information to the press about the university and causing a scene with alcohol involved at a social function while representing Alabama A&M,” the official stated.

The board announced the censure of James Montgomery after going into executive session.

An ethics complaint has also been filed on James Montgomery with the Alabama Ethics Commission. The complaint claims he had repeatedly demanded the university award contracts worth millions of dollars through a business partner. A letter from the Alabama Ethics Commission was circulated at Friday morning’s meeting confirming the complaint had been filed.