Ahead of New Year’s reminder that fireworks are not allowed in the city limits

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – A new year is a time for celebration, and for many 2017 couldn’t get here any sooner. Among all the holiday festivities, fireworks are a popular way to welcome New Year’s in. But here in Huntsville shooting off your own is not an option.

Many people like to ring in their New Year’s with a bang, but fireworks might not be the way to go, said Huntsville Fire Department Capt. Frank McKenzie.

“We just want to remind everybody in the City of Huntsville, there are no fireworks allowed in the City of Huntsville at any time,” he said.

The burn ban has been lifted but that doesn’t mean we’re out of the clear. The drought conditions are still dangerous.

“The humidity is a lot lower this time of year usually.  I mean today we’re having fifteen mile per hour winds. Those play large roles in the development of fires that are outside,” said McKenzie.

Sparklers are a New Year’s party favorite, but they are actually banned within city limits as well. For something that looks so pretty they can be surprisingly dangerous.

“Sparklers can burn about twelve hundred degrees Fahrenheit, and that’s an extremely high temperature. They can burn really, really fast. I know a lot of the parents like to have kids play with them but you know, think about twelve hundred degrees,” said McKenzie.

Even if you go outside of city limits in order to use fireworks this year, Capt. McKenzie said to always use safety precautions.

“Most of the injuries are of kids that are injured in fireworks, so make sure you have an adult if you’re going to use fireworks,” he said.

He encourages people who want fireworks this New Year’s to go see a fireworks show if possible. He said that is the best thing to do, because Huntsville Fire Department would prefer people don’t shoot them off themselves. But if you do choose to do so, just be as safe as possible.