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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. –  A local business has stepped forward, claiming they’re also victims of Salty Gator Trading Company.

The owners of ACR Service, Inc. say just like the employees of the closed business, they too have yet to see payment.

ACR Services, Inc. specializes in refrigeration and cooking equipment installation.  So, when Salty Gator Trading Company reached out for help, “[We] got him started so he could start opening the business,” said Cindy Goodrum, Co-Owner of ACR Services, Inc.

Typically Cindy and Stan Goodrum give their clients 30 days to pay. In the meantime, Cindy Goodrum said that her husband continued to provide service to the restaurant, “He went back several times to do other things for him.”

That tab kept growing. So when thirty days came, Salty Gator’s owner Doug Weaver owed “about $6,900,”  said Goodrum. “He said he had other bills he had to pay.”

So they gave him 30 more days. The couple even dropped into the restaurant and ate on occasion, bringing in copies of the bills in hopes to get payment. But all they left with were more questions; especially when permanent guests arrived at the business. “How can he buy an alligator when he says he can’t afford anything else?”

To date they’ve never seen a dime. “It’s almost like when you’re robbed. That’s what you feel like. Taken advantage of,” said Goodrum.

And for a small business, nearly $7,000 owed is not a drop in the bucket. “My husband works very hard. He works 7 days a week, and for someone to do that to us is just devastating.”

They’re not sure how they’ll proceed- take the loss and move on? Or hire an attorney with the hopes of getting some money back.

But at the end of the day, the Goodrums just wish the owners of Salty Gator would do the right thing. “He needs to take care of the people who took care of him. His employees, his vendors, his clients,” said Goodrum.