Aerial ladder fire truck makes Alabama debut in Huntsville

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – A new aerial ladder truck in the fleet is providing the city with the best in fire protection.

Mayor Tommy Battle said, “The ladder truck, which helps us have capability with taller buildings, and as we grow up in the city, it’s one of the things that we need.”

Chief Howard Mcfarlen said the cutting edge technology of this truck will help them get their mission done. He said, “This is the only ladder truck in production in the United States now that you can have that’s over a hundred foot tall. But they designed it that it’s light enough to go on a single axle.”

One special feature of the truck is its battery operated ladder. Chief Mcfarlen said from a safety standpoint, this is a huge plus.

He said, “Normally, we have to send a person to the top to operate a single nozzle to spray water. The technology on this one, we can operate from the bottom. We’re spraying water up there now.”

Chief Mcfarlan says this truck will be known as “ladder two.” It will service downtown Huntsville, which it’s best suited for.

Chief Mcfarlen said, “It allows us to get in tight places around the inner city.”

This truck’s arrival is a first for a city in Alabama. Chief Mcfarlen said they are planning on putting the new truck into service this Friday.