HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — Giving Tuesday is a good, global reminder to give back — and there are even some places in our own backyard asking for support.

The community at 305 8th Street in Huntsville gives people with developmental disabilities the chance to feel engaged and empowered in a nurturing environment. In most adult settings, those with developmental disabilities might experience isolation and go without opportunities to socialize and grow.

The community’s executive director Andrea Williams told News 19, “We have people in our community that fall through the cracks that have a need to be reminded to take their medicine or don’t understand money or don’t know how to cook and prepare their meals.”

“[They aren’t] aware of common dangers and would not be safe living alone in the community,” Williams continued. “They have limited income, resources, and have a lack of family.”

To take care of the residents, the community is hoping to raise $100,000 to get them through the remainder of the year. The home spends around $450,000 annually to meet their needs.

“I lived in a state hospital facility before and I wanted to go forward with my life, so moving to this group home [helped] me move forward with my life,” said Jean, a community resident.

While monetary donations matter, community leaders say time is just as valuable.

Another community resident, Cydney Honaker, told News 19, “Volunteers to give us food, make food for us, take residents to doctors’ appointments when we don’t have staff to do it, and spend time with those that don’t have families… things like that and just let our residents know that they are loved.”

Leaders say community interaction reminds residents that they aren’t forgotten. Find out where you can donate here.