Adult hockey team expresses outrage over suspension by Iceplex


HUNTSVILLE, Ala – The management of Huntsville’s Iceplex faced a barrage of criticism Wednesday night over its handling of a disciplinary matter at the rink.

For more than half an hour, players and supporters lined up in Huntsville City Hall at an Iceplex Board Meeting to condemn a decision by the rink leaders to suspend an adult hockey program over accusations of drinking alcohol in a locker room. The team has denied that any of its players drank and argued that the only evidence they’ve been shown is a beer can which management claims was discovered in a garbage can outside the locker room.

Iceplex General Manage Steve Clough released a statement Wednesday, stating: “We followed the polices set out and approved by the board of control, and according to the facility policy that warranted a suspension of the team. The team has the ability to appeal and the board will be handling that appeal process.”

“As soon as something like this happens and it’s a cart blanche approach, it doesn’t seem appropriate,” said one supporter of the team at the meeting.

A number of players on the team said they are also worried about their reputations being tarnished. Many said they hold high profile jobs. Others argued that the rink is making up the rules as they go along and playing favorites. One player on the team, Tony Guzzo, who helped spearhead the million dollar fund to save the UAH Hockey program, is still being allowed to be in the rink because he coaches his kids’ hockey team.

Others at the meeting, including board member, Tyler Kirby, are worried that more suspensions may be on the way in a possible play by management to kick out publicly run leagues in favor of rink-run leagues.

“As a member of the hockey community it’s a terrible idea for the rink to run the hockey program.” said Kirby.

A date for the hockey team’s appeal has yet to be scheduled.

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