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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Even months after many of the Affordable Care Act’s most important provisions took effect, we still see new impacts of the law emerging.

For example, people entering the healthcare industry see a huge demand for new doctors, nurses, and nurse practitioners.

UAH invests big in the future of their College of Nursing, because the world demands more students like these.

We visited with a class studying to become nurse practitioners.

UAH College of Nursing Associate Professor Susan Alexander notes one reason for increasing demand, “The dynamics of our population are changing, and as our population ages we need more healthcare. And someone is going to have to  provide that.”

However, the extra faces mainlining coffee and classes come from changes in the law as well.

Alexander adds,”The Affordable Care Act has introduced millions of people needing healthcare to the market, and there’s just demand for people to care for those patients.”

So if you’re a student soon to be looking for work as a nurse practitioner, you see a lot of promise.

UAH Student Jessica Barre is one of those students. She summarizes, “There are too many patients for the physicians. NP’s are cheaper to pay for the Medicare. It’s just a better opportunity.”

Those students remain relegated to the classroom for now, but they already see jobs waiting for them in the real world.

Barre tells us, “Yes, all over the place. Lots of positions for NP’s right now.”

Fellow student Landon Dutton adds, “I’ve probably turned down more job offers than a lot get offered their whole life.”

Not many fields of study can boast that right now.