A man who lost $700 in Madison parking lot says Christmas is ‘saved’ by good Samaritan

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MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) – On Monday morning Danmacquis Jones cashed his paycheck, ran some errands, and went back to work. It wasn’t until he was home for the day that he realized he was no longer in possession of his money.

His entire wallet, holding more than $700, was gone. Jones, rightfully, panicked.

“My bill money’s gone, grocery money’s gone, Christmas money’s gone,” said Jones. “It was like I was having a mental breakdown.”

By Wednesday morning, he assumed it was gone for good – until he got a call.

“[A detective] called me and said your wallet has been turned in.  I said ‘My wallet?! Really?” said Jones. “I was shocked. It’s a blessing to know people have a heart, especially this time of year, to do the right thing.”

Linda Cashin, an administrative services manager at Christian radio station WAY-FM, had found the wallet laying in the parking lot outside their places of work, the day before.

“I saw it laying on the ground but I thought it was a CD box, so I just ignored it. Then after about the third time, I picked it up and saw it was a wallet.”

Cashin and Jones work right next door to each other, but had never met until Wednesday morning.

“I said you are a good Samaritan, you are an angel,” said Jones. And, he’s pretty spot on.

Cashin and WAY-FM have been working to supply presents, food, and other resources to families in need through their yearly Christmas Prayers drive.

“We’re supplying Christmas presents so parents can let their children have the joy of Christmas, so parents have the hope of Christmas, so it’s only natural to make sure the person whose money this is, that you make sure that person gets it back,” said Cashin.

So overjoyed by the kindness of a stranger, and the return of his income, Jones made sure the giving came full circle. He gave a financial donation to the cause, and a hug to the woman who saved his family’s Christmas.