A Homecoming – Area Soldiers Back From Deployment

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) -- Nearly 200 families are celebrating the homecoming of the 128th Military Police Company.

Small hands clutch the colors the 170 men and women were deployed for. Larger hands clutch signs welcoming them home. Hundreds of family members wait anxiously. All eyes are on the road where three busses will bring back the soldier they call family.

Waiting at the front of the crowd, glancing at the road every few seconds, is the Davis family. Their dad, brother, son, grandson, and husband is coming home. "I am so nervous," Amanda Davis says.

Husband is what Amanda calls the person they're waiting for. "I can't even describe it. We've been waiting on this day, it seemed like it would never come but here it is," she says.

Sergeant Sam Davis had been deployed since January. 'Sad, crazy, hectic,' is how Amanda describes the last ten months without her husband.

Besides missing him, there's another reason why she is so anxious to have him back.  "We got married in May," she says.

Sergeant Davis flew into Jacksonville, and she drove. He was only there for four days before he had to go back to Cuba. "This'll be the first time he's home that we've been married," Davis says.

So the waiting game starts.

Ten months, down to only a few minutes. Finally, the Davis family, joined by hundreds of others, see the three busses come over the hill.

As the soldiers spill out, families rush toward them. Ten months of emotion, put into one embrace.

It's a moment that was only imagined. Now, for all those families and the soldiers who are finally home, it's real.

Sergeant Davis hugs every member of his family. He smiles at the bright sign they made for him.

After embracing everyone in his family more than once, Sergeant Davis turns to his wife again.  "I missed you so much," he says.

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