A dad and his two sons set to graduate together from Drake State Technical College

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Brothers Avery and Austin Mathis and their dad Joey Mathis are no strangers to hard work.

“We love working with our hands, and we love working outside and getting dirty, getting sweaty, we’re not office people,” said Austin Mathis.

For the last 18 years, they worked in the moon bounce business at Big Bounce Rentals.

“They started working when they were like 10-years-old, and as a business owner and their father, you couldn’t ask for two better employees,” said Joey Mathis.

When they each were looking for new work, they sold their business and used the money to pay for classes at Drake State Community & Technical College. They each toured the school, looking into different programs, but somehow ended up together.

“When they came to tour this, they didn’t know it, but I had already enrolled into welding. So once they decided they wanted to weld, I’m like I’m already here if you still want to do it, we’ll do it together. They said being together is second nature to them, it’s just what they do, but watching your children put in the work, and reap the rewards, it’s unimaginable,” said the father.

The Mathis family used each other for motivation, and after two years of hard work, extra practicing, and support from each other, the three will graduate with their associate’s degree in advanced manufacturing with a focus in welding.

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