7-year-old over the moon with her first book!

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MERIDIANVILLE, Ala. – A child’s imagination can sometimes take them to another world. In the case of one little girl, it led her down a path to publishing her first book.

Olivia Carriger’s journey as an author began in kindergarten. “She used a lot of our printer paper,” Tina Carriger said with a laugh, “A lot of printer paper, a lot of crayons, a lot of staples, trying to create a book.”

One of her teachers noticed that creativity and told Olivia’s mother, she thought she had the potential of being a writer or illustrator. “I did not take it seriously though until I picked her up one day from school and she had shown me a book that she had written,” Tina said, “And I was like, wow, this is actually really good.”

She shared it with her husband. “I was like, babe, look at this book,” she said, “And he was like, this is really good and so I told her, you know what, we’re going to finance making this a real book.”

They found an illustrator online and they exchanged some idea. “I paid some money for it,” Tina said with a laugh, “They’re not cheap and they’re not free.”

They were over the moon with the finished product. “For her to see her book go from this little pencil crayon drawing to a real book that other kids can read was really powerful,” Tina said.

Olivia’s already had one book signing. It was for her first-grade classmates at school. “We put her at a table,” Tina said, “Her teacher made a poster of her book cover and so she sat there, and she signed all of her classmate’s books.”

It was hard to tell who was more excited, the author or the other kids. “They were like, wow, these are real books. Oh yes, they are real books,” Tina told us with a smile.

“A Little Girl and The Moon” is only 14 pages. But here’s the Cliff Notes version from the seven-year-old author. “It’s about a little girl trying to find the moon cause she loves the moon and the moon likes her,” Olivia told us, “so she wanted to see it cause the moon’s like her best friend.”

Olivia loves to read, but her book isn’t her favorite. “My favorite book?” she said, “I like books from Dr. Seuss.” She’s working on her next book. It’s called “The Star.” “It’s going to be about Jesus being born,” she said.

But it may be the last book she writes. Olivia doesn’t want to be an author when she grows up. When I asked her what she wants to do, she said, “Well, I want to be a president.” I asked her why she wants to do that. As only a seven-year-old can say, she looked at me and answered, “So I can make the world better.” She’ll be old enough to run in 28 years!

Hopefully, Olivia’s story will inspire other children to reach for the stars, or in this case, the moon. If you’d like to order a copy of her book, it’s available on Amazon. You can also follow Olivia’s story on Facebook.

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