5 Grissom High School students arrested for pulling fire alarm this week

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Pulling the school fire alarm is a classic prank, but school leaders and law enforcement never find it funny.  The student is always punished -- and that's especially the case with recent examples.

This has become such a problem in Huntsville City Schools that students are being arrested for the prank.   This week, five students at Grissom High School were arrested for pulling the fire alarm at school.

Not only is this disrupting learning, it's also taking time and money away from city emergency agencies.  School leaders say they don't take these jokes lightly and they're working to ensure the pranksters don't get away with this.

All five students are charged with rendering a false alarm.  They face expulsion.

The students were caught blue-handed.

"If they have a school that where they have an issue with a fire alarm they may choose to put a type of dye pack in there," said Keith Ward, spokesperson for Huntsville City Schools.

So when a student pulls the alarm, the evidence is quickly all over their hands.

"We do have other things -- we have security cameras that can also provide evidence but the dye actually helps in that tremendously," added Ward.

On Monday, three students pulled the alarm three different times.

After this week's incidents, Grissom's principal sent a letter to parents asking them to talk to their children about this.


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