5 Brothers, 5 veterans on the trip of a lifetime

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. –  Everybody loves a party. Forever Young Senior Veterans in Huntsville sent veterans old and young on a free trip because of their service to the country.

One family feels honored to live long enough to travel together.

Meet the Millers

“I’m Leo Miller, 68 years old, and I served in the U.S. Army.”

“Willie Miller….I’m 69 years old, Unites States Army.”

“Thomas Miller, 71 years old, the Marine Corps 1968.”

“John Miller, 71 years old, United States Marine Corps.”

And then there’s…

“James Miller Jr., 71 years old, United States Marine.”

Leo, Willie, Thomas, John, and James are brothers.

Their first trip as a team

The guys are close-knit.  The eldest are fraternal twins, but this is the first time all five have ever taken a trip together.

The Miller brothers are among 13 local WWII, Korean, and Vietnam veterans at the Huntsville International Airport going on their trip of honor.

“It means a lot to me because I’m traveling with my brothers,” said Leo.

A trip they’ll remember forever

They’re one step closer to landing in Washington, D.C.

James said, “I think we was all inspired to go into the military, and I just happened to be number one.”

He’s the one to set the trend for his youngest brothers to follow suit.

“I really got drafted and stayed out as long as I could and they found me anyway,” said Thomas laughing.

John said, “I know that by his [God’s] grace and mercy that we all went to Vietnam and all of us came back.”

The start of Forever Young Senior Veterans 

Elaine Oakes helped start Forever Young Senior Veterans in Huntsville. She took her first Trip of Honor in 2016 with her grandpa, who was stationed at Pearl Harbor when the Japanese attacked.

Oakes said, “the people who are going today really don’t understand what’s going to take place and the healing that’s going to take place.”

The take-off

“It’s going to be a great experience for us,” said Willie.

It’s another deployment they’ll talk about together.

The Miller brothers and all of the veterans on the trip to D.C. are scheduled to return on Tuesday, October 22.