4th of July shooting victim says people playing with guns got him shot

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Officers were called to the 2800 block of Fairbanks Street around 11:45 Tuesday night. They arrived to find a man suffering from a gunshot wound to his arm. Huntsville Police arrested 32-year-old Thomas Couch for the shooting. They charged him with assault 2nd degree.

Couch, who was in a neighboring apartment, refused to surrender to officers at the time of the incident. Officers evacuated surrounding apartments for safety concerns. They also cut power to the area in an attempt to get the man out.

Huntsville Police spokesman Lt. Stacy Bates said the standoff ended at 2:30 Wednesday morning when Couch surrendered without incident.

Now the man shot in the arm is speaking out. “I was not for sure if he shot me, that’s what’s in my statement. I said there were two people out there playing with guns,” Victim Travis Jones explained.

Jones said before he was shot he was simply on the porch with his godchildren watching fireworks. “They were doing a firework show at the other end, but you also had cars coming through throwing things out of the window. It was kind of like a firework war,” Jones explained.

He said there were two adults at the home playing with guns. “I’m not going to say playing as in pointing at people, but maybe sort of shooting at the ground or in the air, just to kind of scare off all the people throwing the fireworks,” Jones said.

Somehow Jones ended up getting shot in the elbow. He said his main focus was making sure his godchildren were safe. Jones said Couch and another man were the ones he saw with guns Tuesday night, but he can’t say for sure Couch shot him.

“The right person need to be held liable, because that was child endangerment with the child being on the porch,” Jones explained. He said it’s been a struggle getting around with only one arm.

He believes getting shot could have been avoided, but said it could have been much worse. He said this is why people shouldn’t play with guns.

Police are still investigating.

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