4G STEM Event aims to inspire youth to take interest in Science and Engineering

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala, – Saturday, two state representatives hosted an event to get kids excited about science, technology engineering, and technology.

The event called 4G stands for girls, guys, gigabytes, and gadgets.

Students ages 8 to 18 had the opportunity to take part in hands-on learning in STEM at the place where STEM comes to life, The U.S. Space and Rocket Center.

The students were introduced to Engineering (Mechanical, Aerospace, Electrical, and Robotics), Physical Sciences (Energy), Computer Science (Application Development), Biology/Genetics and Cyber Security/Encryption and exposed to the various careers in STEM.

The event consists of a series of workshops featuring topics that range from app development to social media responsibility and mastery.

The event was started by representative Laura Hall in 2015 and is part of a national initiative.

The event was originally called 3G and was just for girls but the representative says that after two years they opened the event up to young men as well after Anthony Daniels got involved and parents began to request for boys to be able to participate.

“It just seemed like the perfect opportunity to add that extra G to it,” Hall says.

Representative Anthony Daniels calls the event personal. “As a former 3rd-grade teacher, seeing how these enrichment programs really help develop the child.”

The representatives agree the most important part of the event is that the students involved are exploring a whole new world that may otherwise be out of reach. Showing them that anything is possible.

Hall says, “Their dreams can take them so many places and the reality of that dream becoming real is even greater when you provide an opportunity like this.”

This event happens every year and anyone within the age of 8 to 18 can participate, you can find more information on the 4G facebook page. 

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