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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — A Mae Jemison student was sent to the Intensive Care Unit after sustaining injuries allegedly during an altercation with a campus security officer while the officer was attempting to break up a fight.

According to a friend of the student, witnesses said 15-year-old Steven Franklin was “body slammed” by a campus security officer near the end of the school day on Monday. They say he had a seizure after the incident, eventually leaving him unconscious.

Zach Finey is Steven’s big brother from the Big Brothers, Big Sisters organization. He said the security officer got involved to break up the fight between the students.

“He body slammed Steven on the side of his temple, onto the concrete, and at that time Steve had a seizure, that we’ve been told lasted about 30 seconds,” Finey said.

Steven had emergency surgery Monday night, for a cracked skull and internal bleeding.

“There’s swelling on the right side of his head, that’s about the size of a cantaloupe I would say,” Finey said.

He said Steven walked for the first time today since the injury, but he said he is also starting to ask questions.

“It’s sad when you see how sad and depressed he’s getting when he’s realizing what has happened to me? And why did it happen? And he wants to know just as much as his mother and his family, his friends,” said Finey.

He said Steven has no memory of the event, and that he only remembers waking up after surgery.

“Why this 15-year-old kid is sitting in the ICU, and he has no clue how he got there, and he has severe head trauma that we’re not sure what the long-term effects will be from this injury, but we know there will be,” Finey said.

Snapchat video appears to show evidence of an altercation, though the alleged body slam was not caught on camera to our knowledge.

Huntsville City Schools issued a response on Wednesday after being contacted by WHNT News 19. HCS Spokesperson Keith Ward said, “We have learned of an incident involving a contracted Campus Security Officer’s response to an altercation at Jemison High School.  That contracted Campus Security Officer is not on campus, and will not return for the rest of this school year.

“We are actively investigating the details of this incident.”